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Controlling Project Change is a Process

Change control, change orders, scope management…ugly words. You hope it doesn’t come up, but invariably it does on most projects – especially if the project manager is doing their job in clearly defining requirements with the customer and then subsequently managing scope throughout the engagement. Something changes …on every project at some time or another. [More]

Satisfying Senior Management Needs on Our Projects

Senior management’s interests or the customer’s needs. We hope that they aren’t in conflict, but sometimes they are. Yes, senior management wants us to have satisfied project customers, but they’re top priority at the end of the day is often to be as profitable as we can possibly be. Overall, the best way to get there – usually – is by making sure our customers are happy. So, I like to start there. I often find myself as a project manager putting the customer first because they're paying the bills and they are the individuals that I am working with on a daily basis. They are the ones I’m providing status reports to and leading my team on long-term engagements for. [More]

Which Came First, the Schedule or the Budget?

One drives the other. Or the 2nd drives the 1st. Or vice versa. Which should come first, the schedule or the budget? It’s a tough call – each plays a huge role in the other, right? And it depends on who is pricing the project, I suppose. [More]

Project Management as a Strategic Tool for the Organization

Project management as a concept and infrastructure in the organization helps create standard practices and hopefully helps an organization successfully deliver on projects on an ongoing basis. The purpose of strategy is to provide direction and concentration of effort as organizations continually strive to improve their position or gain the upper hand within the marketplace. Basically, it's a struggle for advantage, and the one with the best advantage wins. It's that simple. On what areas must businesses concentrate? Businesses clearly have to: [More]

Are All Projects Basically the Same?

From a detail point of view, or a dollar point of view, or a timeframe point of view, I realize this statement doesn’t hold up. All projects are definitely NOT the same. But down in the core of a project, are they all basically the same? Do they all require essentially the same skills to lead, the same best practices to utilize, and the same planning and communication? [More]

Handling the Strained Project Customer Relationship – Part 1

It always creates an uncomfortable situation when the vendor – client relationship is less than happy. Sometimes the project manager isn’t even aware that the relationship has become somewhat strained…but it is his job to know that or find that out. For me, as an independent consultant AND a project manager, the customer relations aspect of any engagement has to be my top priority. Make the customer happy. [More]

Good Information is Important to Your Project’s Success

While we are emerging, somewhat, from difficult economic times, we still aren’t out of the woods just yet. Projects are still going on hold, unemployment numbers were dropping but have now seemed to level out, and the housing market is no longer improving as it was so quickly before. [More]