What Calendar integration options does Viewpath offer?

Viewpath is built on the Google App Engine and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendars. This integration is bidirectional; updates to the calendar are reflected in the project plan and updates to the project plan are reflected in the calendar each time you publish the project to the calendar.

Can I track costs in Viewpath?

There are several ways to track costs in Viewpath. You can assign a per/hour “Bill Rate” to any Resource, and the application will automatically calculate “Labor Cost” based on the the Bill Rate assigned and the amount of Work assigned to the Resource. Viewpath also includes Material and Other Cost... [More]

What is Viewpath's pricing?

Starter Edition is free for teams of any size and includes features such as an interactive Gantt chart; dependency linking; email notifications and PDF printing.Team Edition is $12.95/mo, with discounts available for multiple users and multiple month contracts. The Team Edition offers a full set of ... [More]