What payments methods do you accept?

Payment can be made with any major credit card. Exceptions can be discussed in cases where a large number of licenses is being purchased. Contact sales@viewpath.com for details.

Can one Member set the password for another Member on the Team?

Each Member’s login password is kept strictly confidential. No Admin or other Member can create, see, or modify another Member’s password. You can send a Welcome e-mail from within the application when you add someone to a team. New users will receive a randomly-generated temporary password and log... [More]

Why do I see a “Loading” project tab?

If you have a Project open when you log out and then see “Loading...” on that tab the next time you login, the owner of the project has either changed your access level to “Guest”, they have removed you from the project, or they have deleted the project. Please contact the project owner for details.