Are there any discounts available?

Viewpath offers discounts for multi-month and multi-user purchases. Perhaps not everyone on your team needs a paid account. Email us at with an overview of the types of projects you manage, how many people participate on each and what roles they play and we’ll let you know what ... [More]

Is my data secure?

Viewpath provides 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology (which is the same level of encryption used by most online banking sites). All data transmitted between the Viewpath servers and the user's computer is fully encrypted during the entire log-in session. Viewpath servers are hos... [More]

Can one Member set the password for another Member on the Team?

Each Member’s login password is kept strictly confidential. No Admin or other Member can create, see, or modify another Member’s password. You can send a Welcome e-mail from within the application when you add someone to a team. New users will receive a randomly-generated temporary password and log... [More]

Is there an automated notification system?

In previous versions of Viewpath, we included automatic notifications. We discovered the majority of users did not want to have these notifications. Viewpath 3.0 will include an optional automatic notification system. This is an item on the development list and is expected to be available by the end... [More]