Your Company is Sinking – Can Project Management Turn It Around?

Imagine this scenario: your company is in trouble. Customers are leaving in droves. Product rollouts just aren’t working. You’re losing money like you’re tossing it out the window as you drive down the street. These are all extremes, but what I’m trying to say is this…your organization is in trouble…it may be going under. Could good project management save it? Could best practices turn things around? When is too late really too late? [More]

Moving to Agile? 3 Key Things to Consider

Agile is huge in the software development and project management world at the moment, in case you haven’t noticed. New hires are expected to have agile development and PM experience and it’s a key catch phrase with must project customers everywhere you go – whether they understand it or not. [More]

Ask Your Project Customer the Tough Questions

Here’s a scenario head into very carefully: the project customer who professes to have the project and all the requirements mapped out. Sounds easy? No. Too many times what the customer thinks is the problem is only part of the real need. They may not be ready budget-wise or time-wise for the full solution that they really need, but you can help them uncover the big picture through proper planning so that the current solution is chosen carefully and so that next phases can be handled efficiently rather than feel like they are starting over again. In the long run the customer will save time and money through extra planning now – but you and your experienced project team need to show them that – they often won’t come to that realization on their own. No matter what the customer says they want and how they want it done, at the end of the day if it doesn’t solve their true need it will be your fault. Period. [More]