What the Project Team Brings to the Table

In matrix or professional services organization, the project manager is usually given a staff of project professionals to manage for the duration of the project who can fill the roles needed on the project. They are skilled professionals, ready to execute on the project and deliver a successful solution to the end project client. And to follow you – their leader – into the fire…no matter what. Sound about right? Maybe…but it takes a certain group of individuals and a certain chemistry to make that all happen. [More]

5 Key Challenges Faced by Project Managers

As project managers we are constantly being faced with challenges that threaten the success of our projects and our team’s efforts on those projects. My list is about a mile long but I’ve narrowed it down to five for the purpose of this article. As you read this article, please be considering your own challenges to share and discuss here. [More]

Who are the Stakeholders? – Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we defined the term stakeholder and we consider key project tie-ins that actually make them stakeholders. Sort of a litmus test for “are you a stakeholder or not?” In this 2nd segment, we’ll discuss what we - as project managers and project team members - need to know about our various stakeholders. [More]