TechRepublic Recommends Viewpath

Will Kelly of TechRepublic recently took time to try out Viewpath. One of the primary goals we have at Viewpath is to provide a powerful project management tools in a platform which doesn't intimidate users. Will writes, "The project timeline/Gantt chart in Viewpath shows it got a lot of attention f... [More]

The Best Resource May be Right Under Your Nose

Adding a resource doesn't have to be the first option. Look to your current resources for availability and skill set, and see if they can be coached or mentored through the task. You have a resource with project knowledge, that is willing to stretch their boundaries and expand their knowledge. [More]

The Road Not Taken

I was once again watching one of my four little ones' favorite shows - Peep and the Big Wide World (which I happen to consider to be just about the greatest kids' show ever made) - and I thought of this article. The title for the episode was "The Road not Taken" and it was about how one of the frien... [More]

Strategies for Recovering the Project

Projects get into trouble – it’s just a fact of life and something we’ve all dealt with. Some are easy to fix, some take some demanding re-focusing of efforts to save, and others just can’t be saved…period. But never, never do we just throw up our arms and say, “It’s too far gone!” without at least ... [More]