4 Ways to Spark Project Team Member Passion

Project management takes effort.  There is no doubt about that.  And yes, you do have to put effort into the management of your project resources as well so you better be at least somewhat of a people person.  That said, there is no need to go completely overboard – you still need to look and act like the strong leader that you are (meaning don’t go too soft on them).  But there are ways to help ensure that your team is passionate about the project, passionate about what you are trying to accomplish and ready to work hard to make all of that happen.  It takes some effort on your part, and here are four ways to help make your team passionate about the project and those tasks they will be assigned to do [More]

Project Planning 101

Sometimes it is just good to get back to discussing the basics. How we plan out projects and how we get the project kicked off will vary from organization to organization and from project manager to project manager. How we do this very important part of each project can even be influenced by our project customer – depending on how much say they want in how the project is run or planned. [More]

What is Viewpath's pricing?

Starter Edition is free for teams of any size and includes features such as an interactive Gantt chart; dependency linking; email notifications and PDF printing.Team Edition is $12.95/mo, with discounts available for multiple users and multiple month contracts. The Team Edition offers a full set of ... [More]