The Right Way to Start the Project

How we start a new project engagement can sometimes set its course for either success or failure. It's a hard concept to grasp that how we kickoff a project now can actually have that much impact later on, but it can. Take heed and don't take the beginning phases of the project lightly - they may no... [More]

Those Were Your Exact Words

It's not difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It just requires consistent behavior. Communicate as clearly as possible, ask the right questions to ensure proper understanding, and then keep checking periodically on task progress to ensure that the resource is on the right track and all directives were clearly understood. [More]

Brand New Help Desk!

We're happy to announce our brand new help pages are now available. The new Support Desk features search functionality of our Knowledge Base, making it easy to find the answers you're looking for. The help pages are also translated into 23 languages - supporting our users world wide.From inside View... [More]