Staying on Track with Resource Focus and Assignments

No one likes to run into project resource conflicts on their projects – it can be both a painful experience and a tricky issue to overcome. You may have to negotiate (and not everyone is good at that or comfortable with it) or you may have to go to supervisors and senior management and be aggressive (again, not everyone is good at that or comfortable with it). But, in order to save your project, it may be absolutely necessary. [More]

Make the Solution Fit Into the Organization

You know the story. The organization has an issue or need and they want a solution. That is all well and good, but in the end it also has to fit into the flow of the business. Few processes, functions, and end solutions are standalone. Most – nearly all, I might say – must fit into the business and acquire data or tasks from somewhere and flow data or tasks to somewhere. There is usually input and output. [More]

Project Planning 101

Sometimes it is just good to get back to discussing the basics. How we plan out projects and how we get the project kicked off will vary from organization to organization and from project manager to project manager. How we do this very important part of each project can even be influenced by our project customer – depending on how much say they want in how the project is run or planned. [More]

Flexibility to a Changing Project Environment

One size does not fit all. There are times when we can shove our ways and practices – and yes that means our corporate PMI-based PM methodology – on our unsuspecting project customer. It just won’t fit. And we must be flexible to what is needed for the project and what is best for the client. [More]