The Road Not Taken

I was once again watching one of my four little ones' favorite shows - Peep and the Big Wide World (which I happen to consider to be just about the greatest kids' show ever made) - and I thought of this article. The title for the episode was "The Road not Taken" and it was about how one of the frien... [More]

Strategies for Recovering the Project

Projects get into trouble – it’s just a fact of life and something we’ve all dealt with. Some are easy to fix, some take some demanding re-focusing of efforts to save, and others just can’t be saved…period. But never, never do we just throw up our arms and say, “It’s too far gone!” without at least ... [More]

Critical Path

The critical path shows the tasks that cannot slip at all or the project end date will slip. In Viewpath, critical path tasks are shown in orange. [More]