Don't Do It All

I'm one of those individuals who have a hard time delegating. It isn't so much that I think I can do it better than anyone else.  It's more that I seem to lack the time - at least in my own head - to adequately explain what needs to be done so I end up doing it myself. But I think I'm finally gettin... [More]

Characteristics of a Good Project Leader

It’s doubtful that many of us have worked for just one manager during our professional careers. In fact, you’ve probably worked for 5-10 different managers, possibly more. Many were probably forgettable, one or more may have been horrible. But there were probably one or two that really stood out for... [More]

The Right Way to Start the Project

How we start a new project engagement can sometimes set its course for either success or failure. It's a hard concept to grasp that how we kickoff a project now can actually have that much impact later on, but it can. Take heed and don't take the beginning phases of the project lightly - they may no... [More]