Which Came First, the Schedule or the Budget?

One drives the other. Or the 2nd drives the 1st. Or vice versa. Which should come first, the schedule or the budget? It’s a tough call – each plays a huge role in the other, right? And it depends on who is pricing the project, I suppose. [More]

Good Information is Important to Your Project’s Success

While we are emerging, somewhat, from difficult economic times, we still aren’t out of the woods just yet. Projects are still going on hold, unemployment numbers were dropping but have now seemed to level out, and the housing market is no longer improving as it was so quickly before. [More]

The Project Can’t be Saved

You try everything…best practices, every trick you’ve ever learned, leaning on every mentor and skilled resource you can think of, and networking with the very talented individuals reading these words right now. And still you fail. Sound familiar? false false false EN-US JA X-NONE [More]

Virtual teams to grow to 75% by 2015: Gartner

A recent report from analyst firm Gartner projected that by 2015, “75% of knowledge-based project work in the Global 2000 will be completed by distributed virtual teams, but the complexity of virtual projects elevates their level of risk.” We’re designing Viewpath to be a single, simple, robust solution to meet the growing demand for clear, virtual project management. [More]