Press Release: Viewpath 3.0 First To Visually Integrate Agile and Waterfall Project Management Tools

Upgraded Viewpath Service Provides Interactive Graphics, Dramatically Simplifying Workplace Collaboration and Coordination

BELLEVUE, WA – (November 16, 2011) – Viewpath, Inc. – a leading online project management service widely popularized at the AppExchange and Google Apps Marketplace now trusted by more than 100,000 workers at all types of businesses large and small – today announced the release of Viewpath 3.0, a service upgrade that lets organizations easily incorporate Agile visualization tools into a multi-team project view.

“The real challenge is to create an easy-to-use online app that handles the full range of project management requirements, including complex projects with collaborating members in multiple organizations. We designed Viewpath with built-in best practices for organizations that need to see the big picture when managing projects of all shapes and sizes, and ensuring all employees are on the same page in real-time. At Viewpath, we’ve developed our own yardstick – the creation of a project collaboration solution with a comprehensive feature set for all skill levels so intuitive anyone can learn 90 percent of its features in 90 minutes or less,” said Viewpath CEO Dean Carlson. “Now we’ve taken the next step, staking claim to the only service that lets workers use both Agile and Waterfall project management methods without fragmenting their work into the artificial ‘silos’ that frustrate cross-project reporting. Whether teams prefer to use traditional Gantt charts or new Agile tools such as Burn-Down charts, we’re proving both ways can work well together under the same roof.”

What makes Viewpath unique is hidden under the hood, including highly advanced scheduling algorithms that use extensive client-side Java Script to provide a true desktop-like experience online, even under heavy data loads.

Viewpath is also engineered to help project teams save time managing the day-to-day realities of unplanned activities and shifting priorities. The powerful code-base lets users rapidly adjust complex project schedules with amazing drag-and-drop simplicity. When the user makes modifications, they can instantly view all the recalculated task dates and resource allocation levels in graphically-interactive charts. And because of the technically advanced code design in Viewpath’s scheduling engine, users have ultra-fast “undo and redo” functionality for worry free editing.

“We’re taking our efforts to the next level with our API-driven framework which closely links Viewpath projects within popular services like and Google Apps, and by coupling the latest Agile methodologies with the more familiar Waterfall modeling. This lets managers and their teams mix and match formats that work best on a project-by-project basis,” Carlson said. “We’re the first to make this possible.”

Other Viewpath 3.0 features include:

  • Easy-to-manage permission settings for team members.

  • Close integration with Google Docs APIs using secure “single sign-on” authentication.

  • Task dependency linking and WBS summary rollups.

  • Close integration with APIs using secure “single sign-on” authentication.

  • Direct import and export of Microsoft Project files.

  • Fully-integrated Baselines and Timesheets that track planned vs. actual.

  • Resource utilization charts that auto-adjust workloads to schedule availability.

  • User-defined PDF output for easy printing or sharing.

  • One-click synchronization of tasks or milestones with Google Calendar.

  • Discussion threads and document attachments on any activity.

  • Preference settings for collaborating in multiple languages.

  • Customizable reports and dashboards across multiple projects.

Viewpath makes it easy for customers to begin with the company’s free Starter Edition, available without a time limit. Many customers quickly upgrade to Viewpath 3.0’s inexpensive Team Edition to access features such as cost-tracking, time sheets and customizable reports that give a complete picture of work status across multiple projects.

“We’ve built an enterprise-class service which has proven to be highly secure and scalable, providing collaboration options to easily fit any team’s budget,” Carlson said. “Viewpath will continue to win better than its share of the fast-growing marketplace for online project management tools, as we continue to help individuals and teams visualize, organize and prioritize the demands on their time – both on and off the job.”

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