Are there any discounts available?

Viewpath offers discounts for multi-month and multi-user purchases. Perhaps not everyone on your team needs a paid account. Email us at with an overview of the types of projects you manage, how many people participate on each and what roles they play and we’ll let you know what your cost will be. Our list price per user is $155/year. Depending on your needs, the price can drop to as little as $125/year per

Here are Viewpath's stated pricing levels:
Multi-User Pricing

1-4 user plan (0% saving) $12.95/month (per user)
5-9 user plan (5% saving) $12.30/month (per user)
10-19 user plan (10% saving) $11.66/month (per user)
20+ user plan (15% saving) $11.01/month (per user)

Multi-Month Discounts

1 month plan (0% saving) $12.95/user
6 month plan (8% saving) $11.91/user
12 month plan (10% saving) $11.66/user

These discounts are automatically applied in our accounting system e.g. 15 paid users on a 6 month plan always get a combined discount of 18% ($10.61/user). These discounts are also instantly applied as any new users are added to the Billing Account.

Click here to calculate your available discounts.


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