New Feature: Portfolios and filtering

The newest feature we have added to Viewpath is called "Portfolios" and is found on the Home > Projects tab.

  • In the Home section, select the Projects tab.

  • Choose the project you wish to add a Portfolio label to, and add the label to the field.
As you add portfolio labels, Viewpath builds a list for you. When you click on the Portfolio field on another project, you can add a new label or simply select a portfolio label you previously created. You can apply multiple portfolio labels to a project by placing a comma between them.

Customize your view on the Projects tab by using Portfolio filters. Select the filter icon, Portfolios, then choose which project Portfolio you wish to view. To return to the default view of all projects, simply go back to the filter menu, and de-select the portfolio label filter currently being applied.

Owners and Managers can apply, edit and delete the labels. The labels are visible/sortable by everyone with Observer or higher access to the project.

The Portfolio filter gives each user the ability to focus on a specific group of projects.

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