Does Everyone On my Team Need a Paid License?

FaviconThe simple answer to the question is, “No.”

We know the people participating in your projects all have various levels of contributions. And, we want everyone to buy into using Viewpath right away. So we've decided to make it very simple for you.

Free Edition Users

You can signup for the free “Starter Edition” at any time, and use the applications to build as many projects as you need.

As a Starter edition user, you can add as many resources as you want and give them “Guest” access. These users won’t be able to see the entire project schedule but they will be able to login and view all their assigned tasks on their personal “Today” page. The Today page gives users a consolidated view of their tasks across all projects.

With this access level, your assigned resources have a central repository for all their assigned tasks across all projects. They can update the % complete, add comments, view documents, and even add links to online documents (e.g. Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox files, etc.).

Paid Edition Users

Team or Professional Edition license holders can grant an unlimited number of Resources with either Guest or Observer access to anyone who also has a paid edition of Viewpath.

Team Edition users can also add up to 2 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

Professional Edition users can add up to 4 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

This is perfect for sharing your project plan with upper management or clients.

An Observer will be able to see the entire project schedule, but cannot edit to the project. If an Observer is assigned to a Task, they can update the % complete, add comments, view documents on those tasks. But beyond that, you are in total control of the schedule.

Fellow Project managers

There may be people in your organization who need to have some level of control over your project schedule. In such cases, both you and the other person need to be on a paid edition.

The three remaining access levels are:

  • Editor - Has complete control over your Tasks list except for Cost data

  • Manager - Can add and remove Resources and add/view Cost data as well as establishing Sprints and Baselines

  • Owner - Grants full editing rights on tasks and resources.

The Bottom Line

In most instances, companies combine a group of (paid) project managers and (free) task assignees to form a complete team.

There are some features (e.g. Time Sheets) which are only available on a paid edition that you may also want to consider when choosing your payment plans. You can see a complete list of features here:

Feature Comparison Page

If you have any questions about pricing, please contact us at

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