An Interactive Solution to Resource Allocation

AllocationBrad Egeland recently reviewed the Resource Allocation tools on Viewpath. Brad says "I speak from experience when I say many organizations – big and small – struggle with resource management. PMs book and overbook their valuable project resources, and often have no clue they might be committing to work no one will be available to perform." We know that properly allocating your resources is a tricky path, and we're set up to navigate the tough parts for you.

"This is where a tool like Viewpath can be a lifesaver for an organization." Brad says. "Within the tool, users simply click the chart icon to easily view the workload of all resources on a given project based on availability. Selecting the checkbox for an individual allows you to view the assigned work for a given resource." This gives the user a view of the allocation of that individual throughout the life of the project. Viewpath also offers a cross-project view of allocation. You can view the overall allocation for any grouping of projects, and see how your resource's allocation looks. You can even drill straight into the project from the allocation view.

We appreciate the time Brad took to review our resource allocation. Check out his full article here.


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