New Pricing Update - Upgrade Now And Save!

If you've been sitting on the fence regarding whether or not to upgrade to a paid edition of Viewpath, now is the time to decide!

Viewpath's prices will increase in March 2014.

  • The Team Edition will be $15/month

  • The Professional Edition is coming out of Beta and will be available for a base price of $25/month

You can click here for a comparison of the features.

Since we launched Viewpath in January of 2011, we have added many features to the application including:

  • Salesforce integration

  • Reports on projects including the ability to save your report criteria

  • Time Sheets with a handy Timer option and the ability to mark tasks as either billable or not billable

  • Publish Snapshots for sharing projects online including the ability to hide rows of tasks from this view

  • Create Project Groups using the + tab

  • Archive option for projects

  • Critical Path

  • Sprints for those using the “Agile” methodology

  • Burndown Charts in the Project list view

  • Status view in the Projects list view to see how far ahead/behind you are on projects

  • Advanced Linking options

  • Private Branding of projects

  • Filter options within a project or on the Today page

  • Ability to add Holidays to your project schedule

  • Bill Rate for Labor Cost tracking

  • Custom Date formats (US, European or Military)

  • Additional columns such as:

    • Category - Allows you to build your own custom list of categories for tasks and filter Reports by this column

    • Color - Highlight your task rows with one of twelve color choices

    • Department - Build a custom list of departments for tasks and filter Reports by this column

    • Labels - Use this field to create your own Labels for tasks and filter Reports by this column

    • Portfolios - In the Projects view so that you can filter by and report on this data

    • Risk - Identify risk levels 1-5 in your Tasks list

    • Roles - For more clearly identifying roles of Resources

    • Variance - Shows a variance between planned vs. actual data

    • Work Completed - Displays how many hours of work have been finished

    • Work Remaining - Displays how many hours of work remain on a task

Special Incentive for Team Edition 6- and 12-Month License Holders

Purchase a 6- or 12-month license before January 2 and lock in your savings for another 6- or 12-month period! Your continued use of the Team Edition for your next billing cycle. Contact support to extend your license at

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