3 project management mistakes that can harm your business

Posted by admin on Jan 22, 2019 2:58:28 AM


Some people think that anyone can be a project manager. "Just follow the process and you'll be fine," they say. But those of us with a bit more experience know that projects can go terribly wrong incredibly quickly, and the result can really harm your business.

Mistake #1: Poor communication

The golden rule of project management is to keep everyone in the loop when a project's scope, budget or timeline changes. One small change in phase 1 could have huge repercussions in phase 4. A project manager who is nervous or hesitant when it comes to informing their sponsor or client about changes or overruns will find themselves in hot water sooner or later.

Sometimes the challenge is that they can't see the impact of early-stage changes. This is where technology comes to the table. Your project management software should give managers instant visibility into how a change affects project plans later down the line.


Mistake #2: Putting the wrong resources onto the job

If the project manager doesn't know the team well, or have a list of their expertise and experience, they run the risk of assigning tasks to the wrong people - either because their skills aren't the best match, or because they're too busy. This can result in project overruns, poor quality work and a whole lot of stress.

Again, your project management software can help - if it offers resource capacity planning features.


Mistake #3: Not connecting your clients

Giving your clients access to real-time project reports is a great way to offer a better customer experience.

The ability to manage opportunities, support cases and implementation reports in one place is one of the biggest benefits our Salesforce clients enjoy about Viewpath.


Is your project management software helping or hindering your team?

Does you technology support your team's priorities and accelerate its processes? If not, it may be time to talk to your vendor about their product roadmap.


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