Chocolate, travel & lifelong learning: what drives our VP of Product & Customer Success

Posted by Viewpath on Jul 2, 2019 4:42:01 AM

Meet Cheryl Wetherington

If you're a Viewpath client, we know you already love Cheryl as much as we do!

Cheryl has been at Viewpath for just over eight years, and has played a huge role in shaping our products, championing our clients, and guiding us to success. So it seems fitting that we kick off our 'Get to know the team' blog series by getting to know one of our longest-serving employees first.

We love that Cheryl can spot the inherent creativity that most project managers don't even know they have. We also appreciate her willingness to keep learning and exploring. But who knew that she used to own a gourmet chocolate store, or that she loves to travel, or that she's currently learning Spanish?!

Get to know Cheryl Wetherington

We asked eight questions. Here's what Cheryl answered...
Cheryl - Paris
1. What do you do at Viewpath? 
As VP of Product and Customer Success, I get to see and hear from our customers about the things they want to have, and how they use our app. I take that information back to our engineering team to help create a product roadmap. 
2. What is your background?
When you look back, almost all of my jobs have centered on customer success. From slinging burgers to working in the school system, I believe you have to pay attention to the people you're interacting with and listen to what they are saying. 
This believe has shaped my career path and helped to get me to where I am today.
3. What's the best part of your job?
I love sitting down with a customer and figuring out how to set up their projects in Viewpath so they get the most out of it. I love those "oh wow" moments when they realize that we can simplify something they had been struggling with. 
4. What's your favorite thing about project managers? 
I love seeing the creative solutions people implement, because everyone manages projects with their own unique flair, and it's great to see and learn those different methods. 
5. What are the biggest trends you're seeing in project management at the moment?
Integrations! The more businesses make the decision to move to the cloud, the more they are looking for solutions to reduce data redundancy between systems. 
6. Can you recommend any TED Talks, websites or blogs that our readers might enjoy?
I recently watched a Tedx Talk with Tres Roeder, which resonated with me because he said that in order to lead, you have to "Use Your Brain, Heart, and Gut To Make Great Decisions" which I think is an excellent approach. 
7. What are your hobbies and interests?
Cheryl - Ireland Slieve League Cliffs
Well, I am currently learning Spanish as a hobby, which ties into my love of travel. I have two great passions: travel and chocolate!
I have already been to Ecuador, Panama, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Istanbul, Greece, France, UK (England and Scotland), Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Singapore and Germany. We're planning trips to Belize and Costa Rica at the moment. And I will soon be working my way through the shortlist that includes Austria, Bali, the Maldives and India.
Did you know that I used to own a gourmet chocolate store? Holidays at my house are still full of chocolate madness! 
8. What's your favorite meal?
Lobster Mac & Cheese :)

We hope this interview makes your conversations with Cheryl even more fun and interesting! We're thankful to her for being such an integral part of our close-knit team. She is a natural leader who inspires confidence and has insane amounts of energy!


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