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Healthcare project management

The healthcare technology industry is a very exciting one for project managers to work in. Not only are you at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, but you’re doing it all for the best cause: to save and improve the lives of millions of people.

Of course, this also makes being a project manager in healthcare technology an extremely stressful job. You work on high-stakes, high-budget projects that have a significant impact on the way healthcare delivery is run. The industry is heavily regulated, success isn’t simple to measure (health isn’t that simple), and finances are complex. And of course, doctors, clinicians and other healthcare workers you need involvement from are often overworked and are rightly obligated to put patient care ahead of any projects with you.

One thing is certain though, the number one beneficiary of healthcare technology projects is the public, and they need technology that is patient-centered and cost-effective. There is no room for error or inefficiency.

It’s no wonder healthcare project teams turn to project management software to ensure their projects run smoothly.

Strong leadership, an integrated approach, and the right tools

A clear vision, strong leadership skills, well-defined policies, procedures and governance, and the best tools and techniques are all necessary, as is a good foundation of knowledge in areas such as physician adoption and integration, CPOE implementation, and clinical documentation.

Because healthcare projects are by nature so much more complex than many other projects, they require an integrated approach that combines traditional project management, with IT management and change management (PMI).

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There’s a lot involved in making a success of healthcare projects, and a well-run, carefully managed project management office will lead to:

  • Higher quality and more reliable patient care
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher profit margins
  • Increased control of financial, physical and human resources
  • Accelerated development cycles
  • Higher employee morale

The value of project management software

When it comes to managing complex, high-budget projects, there’s really no choice but to use project management software these days. Not only are these tools much more time-efficient than Excel sheets, they also have powerful task allocation and project collaboration features that accelerate project timelines, keep everyone in the loop, and reduce work duplication. Some, like Viewpath, even integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce, pushing project data into Salesforce, and making it available for reports, dashboards, triggers, and workflows.

When investigating project management software, make sure it offers:

  • Project overviews
  • Templates
  • Gantt charts
  • Capacity planning and matching
  • Visibility permission controls
  • Project snapshots
  • Reporting
  • Individual “to-do” lists for each user
  • Onboarding, training and support

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About Viewpath

Viewpath is a next-generation project management tool that offers predictive resource capacity planning tools, with graphical analysis of resource and role utilization that helps project teams maximize resources in a dynamic environment. This allows managers to see where resources are being used across all programs and projects, as well as their forecast future use.

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