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Project management, and the role project managers (PMs) play in organizations, has evolved as rapidly as the digital landscape that companies now find themselves in.


Ever since the introduction of the personal computer in the 1990s, technology has slowly formed the core on which modern business strategies are based.


PMs are often at the technological frontline, making them responsible for adopting digital trends and the leaders of key digital transformation (DX) initiatives, shaping how services and products are created, communicated and delivered, both internally and externally.


How can you give DX projects the best chance of success?


By carefully transforming the way your entire organization operates. At the center of this transformation is your Project Management Office (PMO).


DX projects are innovative by nature, and project managing them requires a specialized skillset.

You can’t use outdated solutions to lead your organization into the future of work.


We have identified four trends that are going to influence the ever-changing skillset required of PMs in the near future.


  1. Earned value management (EVM)


There are a variety of methodologies PMs can use to track a project’s progress. Earned Value Management is one that’s growing in popularity due to its holistic approach.


EVM provides data integrating cost and schedule by comparing where a project is against where it should be in terms of the baseline and calendar.


PMs managing digital transformation projects need to become masters of interdepartmental communications, sharing metrics in cross-functional partnership so that expectations can be proactively managed.


  1. Mixing of methodologies


In theory, the popular methodologies don’t mix, but in practice they often have to. PMs managing digital transformation projects will need to understand Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and Kanban methodologies, and be able to make them work together when necessary.


  1. Intelligent software


Project management software streamlines and centralizes processes, boosting productivity and helping PMs complete projects on time and to budget.


A new wave of project management software solutions, including Viewpath, are using AI to add a layer of intelligence and boost productivity even further (Viewpath 4.0 offer predictive resource allocation – automatically matching people to relevant projects).


  1. Emotional Intelligence


Mike May, Vice President of Sales at Bizagi identifies cultural resistance as the biggest barrier to digital transformation.


A project manager with high EQ will be better equipped to understand, empathize with, and encourage employees as they adjust to the practical side of digital transformation.


Project managers give DX projects the best chance at success


Our CEO, Natalie Steck, was recently interviewed by A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. She had a blast doing the interview, during which she explained that the project management SaaS industry is expected to reach $4.6B by 2020, and that approximately 70% of all companies are going to shift to SaaS during this period.


Digital transformation is here! And project managers get to enjoy front-row views as they lead their organizations (and clients) into the future.


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