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Practical Asynchronous Recursion in JavaScript

Oct 30, 2018 11:31:24 AM / by Phil Kahrl

Take a look at the latest article published on by our Senior Architect and Technical lead Phil Karl.

Phil's article shows some practical examples of how recursion can be used in asynchronous functions in JavaScript to solve common problems.

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Patterns of recursion are common and necessary in JavaScript due to the asynchronous and functional nature of the language and the problems that it is used to solve. The use of recursion in JavaScript is often obscured by the way in which callbacks are used. Promise objects can be used to make the nature of recursion apparent in JavaScript code.

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Phil Kahrl

Written by Phil Kahrl

Phillip Kahrl is a technical leader who possesses a wealth of engineering knowledge gained from 20+ years of experience in the Technology Industry. Phillip especially likes coming up with innovative solutions to technical problems on the behalf of our customers. He enjoys both mentoring and learning from other engineers to socialize knowledge and create engineering teams that add lasting value to an organization.