7 signs you're a great project manager

Posted by admin on Dec 13, 2018 10:28:34 PM

Project managers wear many hats: facilitator, manager, problem-solver and even interpreter -- translating business needs into actionable plans for teams and aligning resources. You create order and calm where there is chaos.

Some project managers just stand out above the rest. This is usually because they possess the perfect combination of personality traits, the right training, and years of experience. Here are 7 signs that you’re one of these project managers.


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1.You are good at getting people to enjoy working on projects

Part salesman, part operational genius, people love working with you because you:

  • Respect their time
  • Are clear about expectations
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Aren’t afraid to be vulnerable






2.You protect, improve and praise

A good project manager is secure enough to take the brunt of criticism, use it to improve processes, and when there is praise -  pass it on to the team. Top project managers provide space for input and feedback because they know that a big part of their job is to support employees and departments across the business.









3.You are inclusive

You know that your projects have the best chance of success when people are onboard with you. You know how to include others- including your client, your manager, your team and other subject matter experts.

You’re not threatened by other’s ideas and critically take into consideration the input and feedback you receive from your team. You never underestimate the power of collaboration with all of those involved.






 4.You're a good team leader

You know your people and you know how to maximize their strengths. When you take the time to find out what it is that people on the project need from you, or value from you, you make that as large a part of your job as possible. In doing you earn not only respect, but their trust and best work too.








5.You understand that it's better to over-communicate than under-communicate

Communication is essential and you need to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is happening at all times. It’s critical to communicate with your clients, your team, and all other stakeholders. When people are aware of changes and adjustments that need to be made to projects and timelines it helps to manage expectations. So you don't get annoyed by weekly status reports or project calls.





6.You know when to stand your ground

You are happy to listen to proposed changes to a project's scope - and if they make sense, you'll accept them. But if not, you aren't afraid to say no.

You recognize that the buck stops with you and so you manage your responsibilities with the big picture in mind. Not everyone has an overall view of the project and its intricacies. The advantage of this is you have insight into the impact that changes can have and you weigh-up the outcome of applying these or not. This gives you the confidence to make the right call when it matters most.






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7.You understand the power of technology

You're all about productivity and finding the most efficient solutions  - and so you understand the value of project management software.

Many project managers run projects and resource capacity planning in two separate tools. With technology like Viewpath, we’ve brought this together to make it easy for you to manage all aspects of the project in one central place. The Viewpath app is even integrated with Salesforce so that you don’t have to bounce between your project management software and CRM. This allows you to have have chart visibility and drag and drop features directly in Salesforce – talk about efficiency!


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