What’s on a project manager’s Christmas wish list?

Posted by admin on Dec 21, 2018 9:45:01 PM


As a project manager there are sure to be some things you’d like to improve as your team takes on 2019. From what we know about project managers, you’re probably someone who strives to improve yourself and streamline projects so that customer needs are met and budgets aren’t over extended.

Here are a few things that should be on your wish list this Christmas as you head into the new year.


  1. Satisfied customers

Of course, this is your number one wish. Customers are happy when projects are completed on time and to budget. And it's so awkward once those deadlines are missed and every status call begins with more bad news and excuses.

Be rigorous and transparent when gathering requirements, defining scope and setting expectations.


  1. A magic wand to help you spend less time managing email and more time communicating with project teams

Nothing drains productivity like poor communication. If you hate email overload as much as we do, you're probably hoping that 2019 brings a new tool for communication - something like Slack or Teamwork would streamline project conversations and ensure that everyone on a project is included in the conversation. 


  1. Easy resource capacity planning

Speaking of productivity, wouldn't it be great if you had a tool that ensured that everyone was on the same page about project tasks? Or one that enabled you to see exactly which resources you need, and whether they're available when you need them? The ability to quickly assign tasks to the right team members would be a boon to productivity.


  1. Everlasting energy

Many project managers rack up 60 hours per week, or more if there's a deadline looming. Wouldn't it be nice if you received an everlasting-energy potion for Christmas?

Aside from recommending a healthy lifestyle by including more exercise, diet and enough sleep however, there's not much we can do to help you here!


  1. A crystal ball

Aah to gaze into a crystal ball and feel assured that each project will unfold successfully. You'd be able to spot red flags, and course-correct before the entire train derails! 


Add Viewpath to your Christmas wishlist

We wish we could make all your Christmas wishes come true, but unfortunately we can't grant you everlasting energy. We can help with all the rest though!

Viewpath streamlines project collaboration, communication, and management. It offers real-time views of project progress and optimizes resource capacity planning, even suggesting the best resources for each task.

Contact us today to find out how Viewpath can help you tick off your Christmas wish list.


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